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For this very special episode we have a very special Guest Host, one world-citizen and enviro-activist, Jay Kelly, to talk about our use of plastics, how they are impacting our planet, and what we can do to help prevent further harm with minor changes to our everyday lives.

This episode will focus on our planet, how we affect it, and the political hurdles we face along the way. We are going green for this one folks, so sit back with your favorite beverage in a reusable container or get to work! Listen, and learn with us! 

T&D Enviro-cast with Jay Kelly

Thinkers and Drinkers Productions

Join host Alexa Rae as she talks every fan theory in the Universe! She and her trusty side-kick, Andrew Turner, discuss the seemingly endless fan-therories from your favorite TV shows, movies, novels, and more with specials guests of the highest orders of a myriad of fandoms!


Episode 2 Infinite Fan Theorem with Alexa Rae

Thinkers & Drinkers Productions