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Join host Alexa Rae as she talks every fan theory in the Universe! She and her trusty side-kick, Andrew Turner, discuss the seemingly endless fan-therories from your favorite TV shows, movies, novels, and more with specials guests of the highest orders of a myriad of fandoms!


First, is Tyrion Lannister a secret Targaryen?  Then we talk the who's who when it comes to the prophesied Azor Ahai. Finally we discuss who will live and die who who will reign on the Iron Throne, then Alexa ends it all sorting the biggest characters into their Hogwarts Houses!

Infinite Fan Theorem with Alexa Rae

Episode 1:  Game of Thrones 

Thinkers & Drinkers Productions

This week, GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. The GOP run congress fails to get the votes in the senate to keep the government open one year after the president was elected. How did we get here, what does it mean and when will it reopen, and who will get the blame.

Then a corruption update. Bannon refuses to testify in front of Congress but is now communicating with FBI special council Robert Mueller, we'll talk what it means for the Russia investigation. Then the alleged affair between a adult film star and the President and its cover up.

Then from the Olympics to false alarms of the apocalypse to the Iran Deal we'll give you news from around you the world in our Foreign Policy File.

And finally we'll rap it all up with SW3CHTA as always.

Episode 34: Weekly News Report 01.21.2018

Thinkers & Drinkers Productions