Episode 29: Weekly News Report 11.15.2017

Another week, another Weekly News Report! First, the Guys talk the special election in Alabama. Will Roy More, now accused by 8 women of inappropriate sexual behavior including molestation, when the women were children still win the Senate seat in one America's reddest states? How will the GOP establishment react? The President.

Speaking of the President, next they talk Trump's trip to Asia. How did the President represent us overseas? What does this mean for the tension with North Korea? Is America still a leader for Human Rights across the world when the President charms it up with the murderous Duterte and the Chinese Priemere? And will the bluster of new trade deals come to fruition under our new "America First" foreign policy?

Then another Corruption Update. A surprise special guest, Number 1 T&D fan Jay Kelly, knocks on our door. The four discuss Donald Trump Jr. getting tweets from Wikilinks, Russia collusion is still dominating the news this week. Will Jr. come out squeaky clean? We also talk the Trump Tax Plan, will the plutocratic dream come to fruition, and what does it mean for the average American?

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