Episode 27: Weekly News Report 11.4.2017

First, the Guys sit down and take Trump's pledge not to take drugs, and then talk brass tax... Or rather, the new Trump Tax plan. Will the plan pass? What do the polls say? Then a good ole fashion Russia, Russia, Russia Update: Indictment Edition. With Manafort and Gates set to go to trial and Papadopoulossnitching, what does it mean for President Trump? Then an election update, with Virginia and New Jersey's special elections on the horizon we preview the 2018 elections, and what a democratic upset in the House and Senate could mean for impeachment. Then we wrap, as always, with SW3CHTA, Stuff We Wished We Could Have Talked About. It's a brunch episode Thinkers and Drinkers, so pour a mimosa! 

Andrew TurnerComment