Episode 12: Weekly News Report 7/08-14/17

The Guys unpack the last five days of RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, looking at the trove of Donald Trump Jr.'s emails, discuss if it's collusion, whether or not that means anything in a post-Trump world, and cover some more stories related to #Russiagate.  Afterward, the Tejas Trio talks Net Neutrality again, with a huge section of the internet taking part in a Day of Actions supporting the current government policy. Will the internet be forever changed in the Trump Era? Then a quick policy update on Healthcare and the President's trip to the G-20. Finally. as always, Stuf We Wished We Could Have Talked About! It's a hearty Nothing-Burger with extra Russian dressing and Namesake's Shame Spice of a Podcast Thinkers & Drinkers!

Andrew Turner