Episode 22: Weekly News Report 9.15-22-2017

This week the TejasTrio sits and talk the latest Republican plan to repeal Obamacare, the Graham-Cassidy Measure. Will the sixth time be the charm?  Then the biggest Juggalo moment to affect the country since the Faygo War of 1876: The Juggalo March in Washington DC. What could go wrong? Surprising little actually. Next, the Guys talk the continued tragedies from the string of hurricanes and Earthquakes to hit the Caribbean and Mexico respectively. How are the American citizens of Puerto Rico doing after the second devastating hurricane to hit them in two weeks and how will our neighbor to the South respond to the second major earthquake in as many weeks? Then they head to New York, New York and the UN General Assembly where the President gives his first speech among a theoretically united meeting of the world’s leaders and proceeds to threaten to the destruction one of their countries.Our Russia Russia Russia Update! This week: SUPER SUBPOENA EDITION!!! Robert Muller cranks up the heat again on the Trump Administration requesting phone records from Air Force One, written records across the entire last ten months, and the press leaks that the FBI was tapping Trump campaign manager Paul Manforts phone last year and earlier this year as well, and that Manafort was told by FBI agents to “expect and indictment” when his house was raided in July. What does this mean for the President? Then our Texas Politics Update. Joe Straus sets the table for the next congressional session with a heavy focus on preventing future hurricane damage. Governor Greg Abbott temporarily lifts regulations so recovery from Harvey can speed along, and Dallas closes its “mega-shelter” after housing thousands. Despite receiving many displaced by the storm, the city is feeling a bit lighter. One Confederate statue lighter that is! Pour yourself some espresso or somne whiskey Thinkers and Drinkers and let's talk the news!

Andrew Turner