Episode 32: Weekly News Report 01.04.18


Episode 32

    This week, Fire and Fury! A new tell-all book leads the White House to war with its author, publisher, and his former campaign CEO Steve Bannon. We’ll talk about what’s in the new book, how the White House is responding, and what the Bannon Trump Break Up means for Trump’s base.
    Then, we talk Foreign Policy. China and Russia pounce after America leaves the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Iran erupts in protests, Palestine and Pakistan of edge because of the President’s tweets, and, unlike his tweet at Kim Jong Un, those tweets didn’t even threaten nuclear war!

    Finally, coming back from the holidays, we’ll do a lightning round to catch you up on all the news we missed while we were gone, and end as always with Stuff We Wished We Could Have Talked About.

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