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Zach Christensen - 7.1.2017

Business Development Manager at Dallas based Four Corners Brewing Company and industry member for 10 years, Zach's passion is beer. Besides a cold pint, his BA in History affords him an interest in government, political science, history and current events. Drinker first; then Thinker.


Jay Kelly


Sam Lamkin


Christan Davis - 5.24.2017

Christan Davis is a professional consultant and public relations manager, a loving mom and wife, and friend to the guys (so she has plenty of blackmail on them)! She's also a proud patriot, always outspoken and intelligent, and doesn't mind putting The Guys in their individual places. This week she joins us talking the news in the Weekly News Report, and we talk mental health, healthcare from a patient's perspective and more in a heady Drinkers Interview! 


Glenn Rios & Noah Turner


Brandon Schwindt - 7.16.2017

Professional Editor, painter, screenwriter and more!


Billy Mabrey - 5.17.2017

An Artist and Photographer from Grapevine, Texas, Billy is a drawing and digital arts instructor.  Billy is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a B.F.A. in studio art, having concentrated mostly in Photography and Printmaking. Billy also is the Thinkers and Drinkers resident scientist, explaining basic physics, biology, and, well, every other study of the sciences to the T&D Guys. Join Billy and the Guys as they talk a week in the news so crazy we had to publish it early!