Andrew K. Turner

Co-Founder, Host, Executive Producer, Lead Writer

An avid political addict since thirteen Andrew has worked in the field of politics firsthand, as a volunteer in multiple Texas races, a political organizer for the League of Conservation Voters in the 2014 elections, in numerous states along the East Coast in the 2016 presidential primaries, & worked as regional & state director in Florida in the 2016 general election, working directly alongside the coordinated Clinton Campaign.

After the 2016 loss he returned home after distraught, tired, but ready to resist. After many late nights, stiff drinks & jokes with Ben & Matt they decided to start a podcast which eventually became the media company that is Thinkers & Drinkers Productions.

While politics is Andrew’s primary passion, philosophy, podcasts, history, writing, gaming, photography & film, music, art, delicious food & cocktails, books of all types & talking about & laughing at all these things way too much & much too loudly.


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Ben Lamkin

Co-Founder, Host, Executive Producer, Writer

Oh hello there. I was born in Dallas, TX to wonderfully tall & righteous parents. Straddling times where phone numbers were both learned & forgotten, I have participated in & watched the landscape change in such unexpected ways. So far able to change with them, & having benefited from both worlds of belief & skepticism I hope to bring a valuable perspective to the people I meet.   

I am a lover. Lover of friends, family, music, information, & a good time. I have few qualifications other than a thousand conversations & my personal experiences, but I don’t let it stop me from having an opinion. Politics has always been a favorite of mine, & now more than ever it seems most important. I am excited by the opportunity to develop my knowledge & beliefs through podcasting & curious to see where it leads. Let’s learn together then, yeah?


Matt Fjordbak

Co-Founder, T&D Engineer, Host, Master of Mics

Coming Soon!


Alexa Rae

Host & Executive Producer of The Infinite Fan Theorem

Alexa Rae is a web developer by day & comedian by night. 

After spending time in the comedy scene in Austin, TX, she's returned to her hometown to join the Thinkers & Drinkers crew. 

Armed with a sense of humor and way too much knowledge about things that don't matter, her new podcast The Infinite Fan Theorem is here to bring you the theories & rumors you didn't know you need to know about your favorite fandoms.


Christan Davis


Host & Executive Producer of The Sociocast Next Door

A reformed Republican, Christan believes that the key to reaching people is not through debate or mockery, but candid & empathetic conversation. A lover of science fiction, she enjoys discussing social issues & bringing light to interesting & weighted metaphors threaded throughout literary themes & pop culture.

She's passionate about feminism, LGBT+ issues, immigration policy, economic & health care inequality, systemic issues plaguing people of color, mental health, & more.

Using pop culture as a jumping off point, her podcast digs into current social issues facing our society, discusses potential systemic pitfalls, & explores possible solutions with both like-minded & different-minded folks of all backgrounds.

Her biggest pet peeve is when people ask her who is keeping her kids when she's caught alone in the wild, often armed with a snarky retort to those who dare ask.

will rose.png

Will Rose

Weekly News Report Foreign Correspondent

Coming Soon!


Sam Lamkin

Weekly News Report Political Correspondent


Julian Banks

Host of the The Art of the Con


Jay Kelly

Weekly News Report Environmental Correspondent